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OCTOBER 31st •  4pm—8pm

501 S. Senator Hwy

Prescott, AZ 86303



What is tHE

Candy Crawl?

The best addition to your Halloween tradition!

Located just above Mount Vernon, the most popular trick-or-treating location in Yavapai County, Candy Crawl is an incredible time of carnival games, inflatables, food, and trick-or-treating for kids of all ages. You can add this to your trick-or-treating traditions or do this as an alternative to the creepy decorations and dark streets.


Park at the Candy Crawl, join in the festivities, then hop on our free shuttle down to Mount Vernon for more trick-or-treating. Or start at the bottom of Mount Vernon on one side, hop on our free shuttle up to the Candy Crawl, join the festivities, then hit up the other side of Mount Vernon on your way back down. Either way, it will be a blast for you and your family!

Did we mention the event is FREE?!

Join us October 31st anytime between 4pm & 8pm

at 501 S Senator Hwy, Prescott, AZ 86303

FREE PARKING is provided for those who attend the Candy Crawl.


WHERE is THe Candy Crawl?

The Candy Crawl is located at 501 S Senator Hwy in Prescott



Mt. Vernon will be closed,

but a simple detour will get you here!

From downtown Prescott, follow these simple instructions to get to the Candy Crawl

(and free parking!)

  1. Head SOUTH on Montezuma (Whiskey Row) and continue on White Spar (≈  2 miles)

  2. Turn LEFT onto Haisley Rd and follow it to Senator Hwy.

  3. Turn LEFT onto Senator Hwy (≈ 1.3 miles)
    (You will hit the southside roadblock here, no worries! Tell the attendant that you're headed to the Candy Crawl!)

  4. Head down Senator Hwy, turn right into Prescott Christian Church and you're there!

• • Click on the pin points below to see each Detour Step in detail • •



Who is invited?


The Candy Crawl is geared towards families with kids of all ages. Our experiences are designed to keep kids coming back for more (even Middle School and High School ages).

What types of costumes are there?

Generally speaking, there will be all kinds of costumes at this event. However, due to the nature of this family event the gory and scary costumes tend to be few. We can't guarantee anything though. 

How long is it?

This is a come-and-go event that you can incorporate into your trick-or-treating traditions at the start, end, or middle. The doors will open at 4pm and we'll shut things down at 8pm. This event can even serve as an alternative to traditional trick-or-treating.

How much candy will my kid get?

As much as you let them get. 

Because of generous donors, we are able to hand out SO. MUCH. CANDY. With all the games and on-site trick-or-treating, kids have the opportunity to score big. We don't limit the amount of times someone goes through each thing, so we leave it up to the parents to set the limits. 

Don't they shut down Mount Vernon?

Yes, they do!